batmarg's Journal

Driver Picks the Music

-is Batman
-is also known as Marg
-is 27
-is a baby lawyer
-would rather run a doggy daycare, but can't stand the thought of moving to a big city (which is the only place she could remotely make enough $ to live off of w/ such a job)
-loves her dogs (& her first actually affectionate kitty) more than almost anything & posts about them
-likes vampires (except Edward Cullen)
-is trying to figure out a way to enter Hogwarts, although she is too old
-is Christian (and won’t insult your beliefs unless you insult hers)
-likes to crack!ship
-is a complete fangirl but does post about real life
-is southern (and has the redneck accent) & lives in "the boonies" outside of a small town
-is a member of the Hidden Strength Soap cast (and realizes we are probably on a permanent hiatus. Sorry followers)
-loves music, especially classic rock
-is a concert junkie
-has way too many obsessions
-Basically runs off coffee & sarcasm
-is politically incorrect 99% of the time. She's not trying to offend you, she just sucks at PC)
-loves random tv shows no one has heard of
-supports gay marriage but also the church's right to not allow it w/n their walls (separation church and state anyone?)
-really only like the soft slash, no hard...except maybe sexy sexy 53
-reads whenever she has time
-hates ship-bashing
-is a Slytherin
-is totally married to Terry McGinnis, Roy Mustang, & Dean Winchester

Friending Policy:
There isn’t really one. If you friend me, I’ll probably friend you back. Introductions are necessary though, and having something in common is preferred.

You can find her at:
-Deviantart: Batmarg
-Twitter: Secretlybatman (let me know it's u if you add me. Tweets are locked)
-Tumblr: Batmarg
-Dreamwidth: Batmarg

Let me know if you add me on twitter. I deny followers if I don't know them.
I am trying to be more active on lj. I frequent twitter & live on tumblr. Dreamwidth is barely touched. Just things to note.


Zuko/Katara (yes, still and proud of it); Haru/Azula; Bat/Cat; Question/Huntress; Gojyo/Sanzo; Ron/Hermione; Integra/Alucard; Clark/Chloe; Roy/Riza; Sawyer/Kate; Gin/Rangiku; Ten/Rose; Michael/Liz; Kusuriuri/Kayo; Remy/Rogue; Lance/Kitty; Yohji/Aya; Darcy/Elizabeth; Joey/Mai; Yuugi/Tea; Tsuzuki/Hisoka; Fakir/Ahiru; Rorschach/Nite Owl; Dean/Cas
*needs up

Likes: reading, coffee; arguing(not in a serious manner), dogs, comics, some anime, tv; literature, craft beer, randomness; Batman; blue; dorkiness, sexy buddhist monks

Dislikes: racism; bashing, homophobia, self-righteousness, boredom; most politicians; arrogance, Superman; the way my muses constantly stop mid-fic; stupidity

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Roy Mustang is going to give you third-degree burns love
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Sanosuke is fishbone-chewing scruffy roosterhead love.

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Hiei is Love
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Kakashi is sexy ninja love! <3

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